The heart of Minimalism in 2019

Have you heard of the phrase: ‘living with less is more’? So? What does it come to your mind?

Hmmm… empty spaces, minimal decoration, muji style or plain simple and boring?

I think minimalism is keeping what you really need and dump all unwanted and useless stuff away. But what if you think everything you possession is a necessity? Most of the things we bought are either because it is cheap or we buy it out of impulse.For me, I will only wear 30% of my usual outfit and the rest is just hidden in my closet. We are overwhelmed by the amount of things we bought. Very soon, we find ourselves needed more space and it is time consuming to tidy up these belongings we have.

To be honest, we forget about those things. Once it is being forgotten, we start to buy even more things. The cycle continues, we pile up more and more taking up more space and time to manage.

I used to be a hoarder, considering the monetary and emotional attachment towards bags, clothes or even stationary. I guess many people are unable to part with their possession as the monetary value is lesser than what they perceived. People like me, like to get their money worth. If not, they feel unsettled or having a buyer’s regret syndrome. It’s pretty normal, everybody more or less will feel that way too! No big deal.

How about changing your perception of having lesser possession will lead to a greater freedom.

How do you own lesser belongings? WHEN you control your impulse not to buy anymore more unnecessary stuffs.

I start my way to becoming a minimalist by changing my shopping habits. Online shopping is definitely a quick way to buy anything you need. Therefore, I placed whatever list of things I need and wait for 3 days, only to consider if it was necessary. It works! I see that I do not really need everything, just a few items. This method is has a friendlier savings to my wallet. This is how my life has changed for the better ever since I embraced the quote less is more.





β€œThe mind is everything. What you think you become.” β€” Buddha

The more positive and happy your thoughts are the more it will shine and reflect your outer word.

To me mediation is really hard. You have to sit in stillness and think of nothing. I tried once in yoga class to sit still in silence however I failed can last probably for 10 secs. I wasn’t thinking straight and my mind is bothered about what happen throughout the day, empty your mind to relax . If you are a person like me, who is restless, you are not alone.

Why do people need to mediate? People meditate for different reasons eg: to feel more at ease, release tension, reduce stress and dealing with mental illness.

Ever feel so stress out at work, relationships, family and indirectly having some negative aura around you? Stressing yourself isn’t going to do any good. One of the easiest method would be to mediate. Take a step back to prepare yourself move on further. Life is different for everyone nobody will take the same path as you. In life you take the test and learn your lessons. You are learning everyday, do not be too hard towards yourself. The world can change, but your own mind, body and soul is always with you.

How do u feel if you are able to achieve a better state of health and wellness by mediation?

Here are some tips I would like to share to you

Like everything else you need a space and a quiet environment to be calm and relax. If you are at your own room find a comfortable and safe spot to sit down.

*quick tip*

Cluster affects your personal well-being. Kondo Marie has a lot of useful tips on it. Decluster is a great way to feel at ease, as when u have lesser things you are more focused on spending quality time doing productive work. Rather than being distracted by small little things do be cleared or do. Lesser material stuff means you spent lesser time cleaning.

2. Take a deep breathing exercise

I am not a yoga expert but one thing I learn from it is doing deep breathing exercise. This is how I learn new things through reading ebook. Especially on the topic for mediation and yoga. When we learn we gain knowledge and we become a better version of ourselves. Great book to recommend.

Here’s a quick link for more mediation technqiues>>>

  1. Sit or lie flat in a comfortable position.
  2. Put your left hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest.
  3. Close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your breath.
  4. Take a deep breath through your nose. Slowly and gently breath out though your mouth (counting from 1 to 10 )
  5. Do this breathing 10 times. Take your time with each breath.
  6. Slowly open your eyes. You will feel calmer after this exercise

Sometimes we need a bit of help and it’s totally normal, nobody is perfect.

3. Forgive yourself

We look into ways to relieve stress is by mediation. We are stressed by a lot of external factors like: work, money, relationships our desire to be successful that did not meet your expectations. We are practically unhappy with many things, but first we must forgive ourselves.

  1. Acknowledge and honor where you are today. Your career, relationship,family, salary,work, results, achievements and failure.WHY? In order to move forward we need to know what is our strength and weakness. Once we identify that we can take smaller steps to achieve your goals.
  2. Change your attitude, everyone have setback (so do I) what we can change to make our current situation better? Think of solutions, not problems. We can all achieve what we want in life as long as we are determine and do not make the same mistake again. Learn from your mistakes and you will be successful in life.
  3. Take baby steps. We are all beginners when we try something new. Write out the goal you want to achieve at the end of the month. You have to track your progression daily. Even if you do not have time to do at least make an effort to spare 3 mins doing it. Do not break your momentum *It is very very important*

Thank you all for reading, all the best. Hope you feel better.

Kpop scandal Seungri

It is like digging into the dark web, once you know about it you feel so grossed out you wish it’s not true.

I just feel upset and disappointed that these A-list celebrity are treating women like objects. With fame, money and influence they choose to harm these innocent women. Them putting sleeping pills in their drink and dragged them into a exclusive room to rape and filmed them. Such a monster inside their soul. 10 women reported of being raped in the club, I doubt it probably there’s more.

Since they are not caught for the past few years, I guess it shows how boastful to their cliques sharing explicit video that is morally unethical . No matter how talented they are, they deserved to be punished by the law for their wrong doing.

I do not think an apology to the press can ever amend their actions.

If drugs, prostitution, rape, bribery of police, drink driving can be cover up using money, what’s next?

Why do we take negative feedback so badly?

Everyone have ego,something we are proud of doing and our beliefs. We all have something that we are good at and we are very proud of it.

  1. Driving a car
  2. Good grades in school
  3. Competent in your daily job routine
  4. A renowned musician – gifted in music
  5. Doing a great job at work

As a human, we too can make simple mistakes. Our ego just can’t sink in this information of being imperfect. Probably in a denial state. The first reaction would be to be defensive right? (most people do, including me).

However, when we think back, we can’t see some of our flaws from our perspective. Your boss or co-workers who try telling you that you are not performing well we are taken aback and upset.

YES! Of COURSE you are upset. Who wouldn’t be? For me, in order to be a better version of myself I need to be as keen as learning when you are a student. We are all beginners when we learn something new. we just absorb information or critics without being defensive.

How so?

As a student, we listen to our teachers who taught us things that we do not know. We absorb information like a sponge. As an adult, we hate being told what to do. Therefore, we are more defensive and arrogant as compared when we are in a learning stage.

We are not perfect but being able to take feedback help us grow to become a better person as a friend, family, in our career and in your life.

We are only human, be kind to everyone who is fighting their own battles

Dear readers, thank you for your time reading. Feel free to comment, I will love to improve on my writing skills. Bless everyone and have a great day ahead of you!

Why you need to love yourself first

Just like an empty cup you need to fill yourself with love first before loving others.

Self love means taking care of my own physical and mental state of mind before serving others.Often times we think of others first before ourselves and neglect our own needs, you could probably suffer from burnout.


Ever wonder what you can do when you are healthy? Practically, everything. A healthy body give you more confidence and you have energy to do so. That is why we need to take care of our physical body and be healthy first before we start anything else.


If you think about it exercise doesn’t cost a bomb to do so. You just need commitment and time. Start by running/ jogging outside your neighborhood or park. Perhaps yoga is a form of exercise that you can start now. Get a yoga mat and do some stretching. I believe Youtube have great content on all types of exercise. Once you start exercising you will be into better shape and you will feel awesome about yourself. I tried yoga for a few months and it is really benefit me a lot on my flexibility and strength. Sometimes we are just a baby when we try something new. Do not worry about people judging you, be confident and try it.

2. Food

The food you eat matters. Health is always about a holistic approach of what it comes in and out of your body. Definitely, eating more fruits and vegetable will not go wrong. But if you want any more information you can check out the internet. Yes! Own Research Please!


Self-awareness is about assessing yourself, your achievement,failure, likes, dislikes, and your needs. When we get to know about a person we asked similar questions too. Why not, we can try asking these questions to yourself. I tried it before and some questions I really do hesitate on how to answer it. I conclude that I need more time to do self reflection. Get to know yourself better you can change yourself here and there to achieve you goals.


Happy Death Day 2

Hi there! This is my first blog post. I am just happy to find wordpress to publish my thoughts.

This is the movie I highly recommend anyone to watch. The movie ‘Death Day 2’has an interesting mix of thriller and comedy with rocket science theory of quantum physics.

I’m really fascinated by these students who created the quantum reactor. The story is about tree who repeated her day over and over again. The story mixed with a serial killer trying to kill the female lead on her birthday. It’s really scary for someone to kill you on your birthday. (this is the first movie). If this loop chain was to be happening on me, I will pray really hard to loop the day I’m on vacation, definitely a win-win solution.

Just assume I’m made a try to Thailand a shopping trip. Does that mean I can buy and try different clothes everyday or even watch a different movie? Not a bad idea, I mean you can no longer contemplating which dress should you choose. You can probably reset your day if you are unhappy with your decision to shop. On a downside you know exactly what is going to happen does that make it boring? There will be no progression on life which will make me feel like a loser. NOPE! Repeating the same day is not enjoyable at all.

Maybe be looping the exact day just once is enough.

Hopefully in a parallel universe I am a billionaire with time and money.